CamCamX 1.512 Now Available

Every once in awhile we were seeing problems on MacBooks (Intel graphics adapter) where having CamCamX running in the background would cause some strange behaviour in the foreground application. We think we've isolated this problem to the QuickTime 2vuy to ARGB converter that we were using to drive the MixMonitor window. We've changed things around to use OpenGL for that window, and are being a bit less aggressive when it comes to performance. If you experience any strange problems with display updates when CamCamX is running (1.512 going forward), please be sure to ping us with a quick bug report that includes your 1. OSX Version, 2. Mac Model# and 3. Graphics Card make and model.

By : Ms. Black CamCamX 1.512 Now Available

Blogger Unknown said...

Hey guys, first I love the idea.

Now a question:
I am looking for an application that can stream/publish a webcast using multiple cameras. Now camcam can do this with video streams entering a SINGLE computer.
The application I need can do this:
Use the video feeds streaming from multiple computers (say 4 streams coming from 4 different webcams and computers). I would like to sync up all 4 webcam feeds on my computer and then publish a ONE show switching from the different videos.
SO 4 webcam feeds into my computer and one feed out. I would switch from feed to feed as I see fit.
CAN CAMCAM do this?

Also can I stream to any server or does it have to be .mac?

Thank you and look forward to working with you guys!

January 14, 2008 at 2:42 PM  

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